Closer to my dream

Ahh, week 5. Almost halfway there. In this week I was feeling very comfortable. Everything about ruby just clicked, I found myself understanding more of the lectures, and I also felt like all of my hard work has finally been paying off. All of those sleepless nights, those times where I just wanted to give up and the thought of constantly being on your toes and being scared if you are going to be left behind are all gone. It’s time I finally embrace all of my effort thus far and use it as a stepping stone for the future projects that are in store for me. It’s been one hell of a month, but I can now say with confidence that I am in flatiron! This alone drives me so much. The fact that there are so many hopes and expectations I have to live up to, the fact that there are many people who wish they were in my position, and especially the fact that all of my technical experience is what got me here is really what keeps me sane. It wasn’t a joke when they said that this program was intense, but who cares. Intense? I will welcome you with everything I got! I mean, If I can’t even do this, then how will I be able to achieve my dream?

My dream is to be able to create a startup where we can directly impact the lives of those in third-world countries who don’t have the necessary resources to become someone big in life. My first step is to visit the Dominican Republic and start a tech school. Create a place where many can go and get a good high-quality education for free. The point of this is not to make money, or to become famous, or to make a name for myself. My goal is simply to nurture and help inspire young kids to make a change. To stop the poverty. I believe the true solution to this is not providing food and clothing, which is obviously a good thing as well, but to help sow the seeds and make sure to create a path for intellectual growth. These kids deserve it. Just imagine having to work and help your parents put food on the table from such a young age. No childhood. No time to hangout with friends. No money to do fun things. Having to get a stick off the ground to play with, since there are no electronics. These kids deserve a better life, and if no one is going to do something about it, I will. I really hope that with my experience and connections I gain from this awesome opportunity here at The Flatiron School, will help me move forward and be one step closer to reaching my dream.

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